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Employee Stories: Jin Avelino on writing the code for success at iCXeed

5 - 6 Minutes

Employee Stories

June 3, 2024

iCXeed is built and sustained by the very visionaries it nurtures. One example is Jin Avelino, one of iCXeed’s first employees, who exemplified leadership through the Filipino traits of kusa (independent initiative), diskarte (resourceful and practical ingenuity), and puso (heart, passion and purpose). Dive into the story of how Jin represented iCXeed’s DNA in the early days of iCXeed and how that has defined our code for success.  

Jin Avelino on taking the lead with kusa (independent initiative)

Drawn to iCXeed by its culture of learning and innovation, Jin Avelino joined the company in February 2023 as a Software Engineer. Jin has been in the field since 2013 and started his career as a .NET developer for one of the top software development companies in the Philippines. 

Jin was impressed by how the company values each team member’s input and fosters an environment where new ideas and approaches are welcomed, encouraged, and celebrated. However, in these early days, Jin saw what still could be improved: there was a need to build structure and dynamics within the team, and this prompted him to have kusa, or take independent initiative, to lead it. He stepped up, ensured better coordination and guidance, and drove the team towards achieving more efficient and successful outcomes. This team synergy was built and carries out presently and into the future with his leadership. 

Having to lead by example through diskarte (resourceful and practical ingenuity) 

Innovation is an everyday choice, a continuous commitment to seeking new solutions and improving processes. With this, Jin continued to be a constant innovator, a trait that he was able to share with his team. One example of this was when he and his team of software engineering experts took the initiative to learn how to launch CI/CD for the code deployment process. While this is normally done by a DevOps Engineer, Jin’s team went above and beyond their job scope, and in turn, exceeded client expectations by learning and implementing the process themselves as it would improve their overall efficiency and work output.   

Jin has proven himself to be a key player at iCXeed by incorporating the DNA trait of diskarte. Moreover, he chose to not practice it alone, but together with the people around him.

Pushing through the uneasy path while having puso (heart, passion and purpose) 

The early days at iCXeed were not without their challenges for Jin. Delivering smarter outcomes with innovation was not easy.  It required learning, collaboration, and iteration. Adjusting how to execute this in a remote environment was also an area where Jin initially struggled. This was further complicated by managing multiple high priority projects for his client that required team coordination and planning. 

Still, Jin’s determination and willingness to be comfortable in being uncomfortable allowed him to grow both personally and professionally. He held on to his puso in every day, and through passion, persistence and support from his team, he navigated these difficulties, proving that overcoming obstacles is an integral part of achieving success. 

How can you write the code for success at iCXeed?

An important underlying motivator for Jin was believing in the company’s vision.  iCXeed championing learning and innovation resonated with Jin’s personal motivation to create impactful technology that simplify customer journeys and drive efficient self-service.  He is driven by working with a team to create technology that makes lives easier and more efficient by their end users or customers.    

One must be motivated by learning and innovating, and beyond this, they must be willing to be comfortable being uncomfortable.  The path to learning and innovation is a challenging one, but the end result is all meaningful and worthwhile.  

To end, Jin simply advises the people to “learn and embrace challenges”. It is through the traits of kusa to begin strong, diskarte to accelerate further, and puso to retain fulfillment that one may write their own code for success.