What Your CX Outsourcing Partner Should Tell You, But Won't, and Why

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Are you tired of the negative connotations surrounding contact centre work? Do your customers dread interacting with your service team, and are you struggling to cut costs while maintaining service quality from your existing business process outsourcing (BPO) partner? Are you seeking fresh perspectives and alternative approaches to customer experience?

We believe that traditional BPO partners may not be entirely focused on the total customer experience, which should encompass far more than the common performance indicators of CSAT, AHT, FCR, and NPS.

It’s time to think like a business process innovator and view your contact centre with a digital-first customer experience lens.  We are unique in our approach to fusing AI technology with human talent.  With the iCXeed approach, we deliver massively differentiated outcomes that reduce costs, improve the customer experience, and energise the employee experience simultaneously.


  • What business process innovation (BPI) could do for your business!

  • Tools for Building Your

    1. Culture & Brand Values Centre
    2. Digital Experience Orchestration Centre
    3. Customer Intelligence & Innovation Centre
    4. Customer Growth Centre
  • Your 40-Point BPO Partner Evaluation Checklist