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Arthur Nowak

Co-Founder and CEO

Arthur has worked over 25 years in the customer engagement industry, partnering with Fortune 1000 brands across a diverse set of industry verticals. He started his career as a contact centre associate. Through hard work, an eagerness to learn, and a sense of adventure, he grew his leadership and professional skills to include global management of large-scale teams. He has worked with leading brands to optimise processes and technologies that enable the most optimal customer brand interactions. An innovative thought leader, Arthur is most passionate about leveraging front-line employee expertise to deliver transformative, frictionless customer journeys.

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Rain Abueg

Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer

Rain has over two decades' experience leading large-scale initiatives in culture management, performance optimisation, and succession planning. She spent the past 18 years in the business process outsourcing industry. Throughout her career, Rain has been leading change, building high-performing results-oriented teams, and delivering business outcomes. She is known for her practical approach to problem solving and her ability to strategically look across the business and offer systematic and sustainable solutions. A hands-on leader and mentor, she has built a reputation for developing local leadership into global executive roles. Rain is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and a strong advocate of cultural diversity and environmental sustainability.

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Ryan Rayner

Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer

Ryan has over 15 years of client management experience across North America and Asia-Pacific and has an unrivaled passion for delivering superior outcomes for his client's customers. Well known in the industry for his partnership approach, he prides himself on crafting new ideas, working closely with his clients to create differentiated solutions, and building successful long-term partnerships with a good laugh along the way. Considered as an extension of the team, Ryan's most passionate about enabling his clients to focus on their core business objectives and growth ambitions.

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Arnel Clave

Tech Savvy Senior Solution Architect

Arnel has over 14 years of experience as a web and software developer, working with organisations of all sizes to build innovative solutions. He started his career in technical support roles, where he honed his skills troubleshooting complex systems. With determination to continuously upskill, Arnel quickly advanced from building websites for small businesses to architecting robust cloud platforms for global enterprises. He has partnered with leading companies across e-commerce, finance, healthcare, and more to optimise development processes and implement technologies enabling seamless user experiences. As an expert in modern web development, Arnel thrives when collaborating with cross-functional teams to design customer-centric products. He is passionate about translating concepts into clean, scalable code and leading teams to bring ideas to life with the latest stacks. With each project, Arnel aims to develop his mastery of development best practices to release reliable, high-quality software that solves real-world problems.

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Charlene Sy

Digital Creator Reporting Analyst

Charlene brings nine years of expertise in Business Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics, and Data Warehousing across diverse industries. She excels in communicating complex data insights effectively, understanding business and technical needs, and managing software development life cycles. With a keen interest in leadership, she aims to guide teams through technical projects. Charlene's strengths lie in analyzing intricate data sets, using statistical methods, visualization tools, and programming languages to drive business performance and provide valuable insights. Her cheerful and friendly demeanor helps her seamlessly collaborate with people from various cultures, fostering a positive and inclusive work atmosphere. This ease in multicultural settings enhances teamwork and encourages collaboration across diverse groups.

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Wilborn Alimpia

Strategy Game Enthusiast Customer Experience Strategist

Bringing nearly a decade of expertise to the customer-centric sphere, Wilborn has a distinguished track record in Quality Assurance and Process Optimisation. His forte lies in devising user-centric conversation frameworks and driving forward the integration of AI into business solutions. A stalwart of innovation, Wilborn's strategic application of automation has significantly uplifted product engagement and escalated workforce productivity. His unwavering commitment to transcending traditional business paradigms propels him to consistently deliver transformative experiences that resonate profoundly with businesses and their clientele.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/wilborn-john-alimpia-038743ba/ Read more

Mark Philip Cruz Diaz

XR/AI Enthusiast Training & Instructional Design Consultant

Mark is a seasoned training and instructional designer with over a decade of industry expertise, collaborating closely with Fortune 500 giants and global non-governmental organisations. Proficient at merging instructional design with web development, Mark specializes in creating highly immersive learning experiences. He excels in gamification strategies that go beyond surface-level rewards, tapping into the intricacies of how people think and behave to craft engaging learning journeys beyond mere badges and points. Mark's dedication extends to advocating for evidence-based learning theories, aiming to empower training professionals with research-backed methodologies for optimal learning outcomes and replicable success. His aim is to transform outdated training methods by advocating for fresh, effective approaches that captivate learners and deliver measurable outcomes.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-d-a4788877/ Read more

Kenneth Sarte

Crafty Gamer UI/UX Designer

Ken is a designer by heart. He showcases his passion for creating user experiences and intuitive interfaces with a deep understanding of user-centered design principles and a keen eye for aesthetics, he strives to bridge the gap between functionality and visual appeal. His design process involves thorough research, wireframing, prototyping, and testing to validate and refine his ideas by immersing himself in the user's perspective, he aims to create intuitive and meaningful experiences that address their needs and surpass their expectations.

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Paola Rabilles

Athlete Project Manager

Paola, a seasoned project manager with over a decade of diverse experience spanning Manufacturing, Human Resources, IT infrastructure, software and web development, and Cybersecurity. With a proven track record, Paola is recognised for her exceptional organisational skills and collaborative approach. As a dedicated team player, she thrives on ensuring the success of her projects by facilitating effective teamwork and achieving project goals.

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Jhon Paul Del Valle

Mobile Gamer Software Engineer

Meet JP, a trailblazing C# Software Developer known for pushing boundaries. He has worked for over 7 years in software development with a proven history of delivering excellence. His journey was involved in geographic information system, Ticketing System, Marketing Strategy, Maintain Career Site and Airline Booking System. Currently he is exploring the booming AI to see what is possible.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/jhonpauldelvalle/ Read more

MJ Mandayo

Fur Mom Client Success Director

Meet our Associate Director for Client Success, MJ Mandayo, bringing over a decade of expertise in leadership development, strategic partnerships, and crafting seamless customer experiences (CX) for global clients. MJ advocates for continuous learning and self-assessment to instill accountability, fostering a culture of diversity and collaboration to drive innovation within teams.

Beyond her role as a transformational leader, MJ is known for embodying our iCXeed values of PUSO and KULIT, resonating compassion and resilience in everything she does. She is a dedicated fur mom and a community volunteer, inspiring peers and future leaders alike. MJ's impact on client success and leadership foundation reflects our commitment to excellence, reinventing the future of a smarter customer-centric industry.

https://ph.linkedin.com/in/marijeo-mandayo-a667a3272 Read more

Rizza Duenas

Reader Senior Customer Experience Strategist

As a professional with over a decade of experience in Quality Assurance and process improvement, Rizza leverages early operations experience to enhance business efficiency and improve customer experience. To enhance the customer experience, Rizza collaborates with leaders on implementing cutting-edge technologies, improving processes, and optimising business operations. With a broad background in business operations and customer experience strategies, she now focuses on leveraging front-line expertise for transformative and seamless business operations as a senior consultant.

https://www.linkedin.com/in/rizza-valenzuela-duenas-clssyb-lssgb-trained-67b673128/ Read more

Paolo Arias

Movie Geek Business Analyst

Meet Pao, our meticulous Business Analyst dedicated to ensuring seamless alignment between client requirements and technical solutions in our building contact centre solutions leveraging AWS. With a keen eye for detail, Pao captures and documents client needs, ensuring a clear and comprehensive understanding on both the business and technical fronts. With Pao, our team ensures that every aspect of the platform is finely tuned to meet and exceed client expectations, delivering innovation and efficiency every step of the way.

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Kenneth Olympia

Illustrator Graphic Designer

Kenneth works as a full time graphic designer and illustrator. He is the co-founder of 8FF, a designer toy studio. He has been in the graphic design industry for more than a decade now. He worked with some companies local and abroad. He is passionate about arts, especially painting, tattoos and sculpture. He received numerous awards from 99 designs platform. He believes that creativity is contagious, share it.

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Aaron Peji

Casual Puzzler Marketing Automation Consultant

With rich experience in marketing automation, campaign creation and leads management, Aaron is now a part of iCXeed in writing their growth story. Aaron has worked with multiple marketing automation tools and continually aligns himself with the latest industry trends. In his spare time, Aaron casually does crossword puzzles and word hunts. Aaron enjoys recognizing patterns, whether in words or in lead behavior.

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We see diversity as our transformative power fueling innovation. By creating a safe space where diverse perspectives are valued, we create a unique environment where new possibilities emerge. Our mission is clear: to amplify the uniqueness of each individual to maximize creativity, learning, and innovation.

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We are proud to operate out of the Philippines - the #1 destination for contact centre services for the English speaking world. Who better to provide the relevant cognitive operational expertise to design customer experiences with artificial intelligence, automation, and analytics? We recruit the best and brightest uninhibited by physical limitations with a wide variety of work arrangement options to best meet the needs of our clients and employees alike.

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